I love to make jewellery, mainly bracelets, pendants and necklaces, using silver, semi precious beads, and polymer clay, with designs that are mostly simple and geometric.  My particular interest is making chains.  I make the links from silver filled wire, and enjoy joining them in interesting patterns.  Silver filled wire has a copper central core, and, unlike silver plate, has a quite thick coating of fine silver, which is unlikely to be worn off. It can be treated in similar ways to sterling silver, and looks identical. It is, however, cheaper and does not require hallmarking. I use sterling silver for clasps and fittings.  All my current wire pieces have been sold, but I will be making more soon.  I also make pendants and some beads from Silver Clay, which can be formed and fired to become fine (99.9%) silver. 

I enjoy the creativity offered by polymer clay, and the majority of my pieces are made with this exciting material.  

I like to offer my jewellery for sale to friends, and others who want to buy unique jewellery. All items on this website, with the exception of  a couple of silver rings, are priced between £4 and £25.

Usually, I attend a couple of Craft Fairs every year, and have a coffee morning in November.  Because all events have been cancelled at present,  I am only able to sell through this website.  I can post pieces, and most often don’t charge for postage.  My sales allow me to go on making more. 

Please look at the jewellery on this site, and contact me at enidsjewelbox@mail.com if you are interested, and I can send you a price list, or give you more information about particular pieces.

I can change the length of many of the bracelets and necklaces, if you wish.

Some pieces on the site may  have been sold, but I am happy to make similar ones, or to take commissions.



  1. Thank goodness for Enid. you’re always going to find a piece that grabs you and will make a lovely present for a particular friend whose colouring will match! lockdown having eased I was able with mask to view some pieces selected from the website in her garden by prior arrangement and she came up trumps yet again with wonderful designs.
    Olive Powell

  2. Thank you for your patience and support on the workshop. I learned so much about good polymer practice as well as so many practical tips. Your method of teaching means that I will retain this information and after the workshop I feel motivated to keep practicing. Big thank you Enid. Plus thank you for your hospitality. Lena

  3. All of Enid’s work is very unusual and a “one off” beautifully made, and a pleasure to wear.

  4. Enid is a fabulous jewellery designer and craftswoman – all her pieces are beautiful and not expensive. I love all the specialised pieces she has cleverly made for me.

  5. Enid’s jewellery is of a very high standard at prices for everyone. The variety of choice is amazing and many of the pieces I have purchased have been much admired by friends and family.

  6. I had an impossible to match pink and mauve out fit for my son’s wedding and Enid managed to create exactly the right colour match necklace and bracelet to wear with it! I have lots of other pieces as well and so highly recommended!

  7. I have a large collection of Enid’s jewellery, both silver and other materials, purchased over many years. I love the fact that each piece is unique, often unusual in size, shape & colour, and beautifully made – Enid is a perfectionist. Her colour sense is extraordinary and most exciting. Enid is also lovely to deal with, helpful, friendly and very knowledgeable in all things jewellery related. Prices are very reasonable too.

  8. I have quite a few pieces of Enid’s now and am looking forward to choosing more.
    Enid kindly made up two new necklaces for me from some very old amber beads which had belonged to my grandmother.
    I can always find something to suit from her lovely range.

  9. Some very beautiful new additions. Enid’s appreciation of colour is frankly excellent and the uniqueness of each piece, and of each component, is always a joy.

  10. Dorothy O'Grady

    When I hesitate over choosing the day’s earrings it’s usually the fabulous pair I bought with delight from Enid’s Jewelbox that I come back to. They’re frequently admired and so comfortable to wear. I’m greedily deciding which ones to buy next…

  11. I have several pieces of Enid’s jewellery and I love the fact that they are unique. Also Enid can normally adjust the length of necklaces for me as most others that are available I find are too long.

  12. We love our silver rings too! A perfect fit, and it was great to work with Enid on the design. A great way to celebrate a silver anniversary;

  13. Love the 2 silver rings!

  14. Like the new website very much, and so easy to use.

  15. Both the quality and craftsmanship of Enid’s jewellery is 5 star. I take pleasure in wearing the several pieces I have purchased over the last few years. For me the added attraction is that each piece I wear is unique and an elegant piece of artwork. I have the pleasure of knowing that the earrings and necklace sets I have bought are personal to me, not mass produced. If desired, the customer, can be offered the opportunity to collaborate with Enid on a commissioned creative design piece. Enid is knowledgeable, friendly and professional and I keep coming back to her jewel box because I have never been disappointed in my chosen piece and the customer service is pressure free.


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