I love to make jewellery, mainly bracelets, pendants and necklaces, using silver, semi precious beads, and polymer clay, with designs that are mostly simple and geometric.  My particular interest is making chains.  I make the links from silver filled wire, and enjoy joining them in interesting patterns.  Silver filled wire has a copper central core, and, unlike silver plate, has a quite thick coating of fine silver, which is unlikely to be worn off. It can be treated in similar ways to sterling silver, and looks identical. It is, however, cheaper and does not require hallmarking. I use sterling silver for clasps and fittings. I also make pendants and some beads from Silver Clay, which can be formed and fired to become fine (99.9%) silver. 

I enjoy the creativity offered by polymer clay, and have extended my range to include more pieces made with this exciting material.  

I like to offer my jewellery for sale to friends, and others who want to buy unique pieces. All items on this website are priced between £3 and £25.  My sales allow me to go on making more.

Please look at the pieces on this site, and contact me at enidsjewelbox@mail.com if you are interested, and I can send you a price list.  I can change the length of many of the bracelets and necklaces, if you wish.

Some pieces on the site may  have been sold, but I am happy to make similar ones, or to take commissions.


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